About Me...

My Story

My personal story begins in The Bronx, New York. I was reared by two loving parents who made sure that I was able to be given the best education possible in private Catholic schools. My dad instilled in me,” In order to demand what you deserve in life, be educated, speak the part, behave the part, and dress the part!” That stuck with me all my life. I never backed down.

I am a Christian, a Mom, a professional, and a woman who is led by the desire to connect, empower, and create a positive impact on others to see them fulfill their journey toward success.

My skillset of being a communicator, detail-oriented, critical thinker, data-driven, team leader, team player, and listener, along with a host of other important skills, allows me to work with transparency, trust, and dedication to any and all projects that come my way.

Your business becomes my number one priority.

Professional Role Model..

In 2020, after dealing with 2018 and 2019 personally, emotionally, and professionally, I needed clarification on my path, goals, and life in general. GOD redesigned and reinvented me and my business. In doing so Business In Pearls was birthed! I quit teaching and took that leap of faith in September 2020.

My passion, skills, knowledge, and education are leading me to assist business owners in their passions and goals of becoming more successful.

Professionally, my toolkit includes;

  • ]Business Coach
  • ]Educator
  • ]Sales Manager
  • ]Life Coaching
  • ]Public Speaker
  • ]Trainer
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  • ]Managing Director of a Large Networking Organization
  • ]Vice-President of a Magazine
  • ]CEO of multiple companies
  • ]Served as President of Non-Profit Organization
  • ]Associate Television Producer
  • ]PR Marketing
  • ]Social Media Strategist
  • ]Talk Show Host
  • ]Podcaster
  • ]Strategic Coaching

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